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Ride Classifications


Ride classifications according to pace while moving, excluding stops. Classification of + or - may be used within any classification to indicate a pace near the high or low end of that classification. For example, C+ would indicate a pace of 12.5 to 13 mph.

D Pace: Up to 11 mph, mostly level terrain and distance under 20 miles. Designated sweep. Group will wait for all cyclists. Frequent rest stops. Good pace for beginners and families. Try a D-Pace ride, if you're not sure of your abilities.

C Pace: 11 up to 13 mph, variable terrain, distance usually 15-35 miles. Leader will designate a sweep; no one will be dropped. Rest/refreshment stops every 1 to 1-1/2 hours.

B Pace: 13 up to 16 mph. Rolling to hilly terrain, distance 40 miles & up. Rest/refreshment stops at discretion of ride leader

A Pace: 16 mph and up

Please follow the above guidelines to help ensure an enjoyable ride for everyone on the ride. Pick a ride within your capability. If unsure what that is, go on a ride in the next lower classification from the one you think you can handle. Do not force the pace on a ride that is too easy for you.

Arrive 10-15 minutes before the starting time so the ride can leave on time. Make sure your bike is in proper working order BEFORE you arrive; leaders are not expected to be mechanics. Carry a spare tube, patch kit, pump and at least one water bottle. Wearing a helmet on Club rides is required. Wearing IPods and other listening devices are not permitted on club rides. Obey all applicable traffic laws. Each cyclist assumes his/her own risk. Those who ride ahead of the leader are on their own. Notify the leader if you plan to leave the ride along the way.

Leaders are expected to follow the advertised pace and should request someone to act as "sweep"; the "sweep" to receive one credit for each ride. Leaders may dismiss from the ride anyone who fails to obey laws or whose actions endanger other riders. Call the leader at least one hour before starting time if you have any questions about the ride, or for a go/no go decision in case of questionable weather or road conditions.


Terrain Classification Average Grade Climb (ft. per mile) Steepest Climb (1/4 mile minimum)
Flat 1% < 45 ft. < 4%
Rolling 2% < 65 ft. < 7%
Hilly 2% < 80 ft. < 11%
Very Hilly 3% < 100 ft. < 13%
Mountanous 4% or more > 100 ft. Unlimited


Adopt a Highway

The Adopt-a-Highway program was started back in 1992 by Harry Campbell [deceased] as a way for our club to give back to Lancaster County. We are expected to clean up Columbia Ave. from Donnerville Rd. to Rohrerstown Rd. 3 times a year. PA DOT supplies us with gloves, reflective vests & trash bags.

 Ice Cream Lovers Ride

As featured in Bicycling Magazines best ride for PA. On this 40-mile route, you can find killer ice cream at Bird-in-Hand Bakery (12 miles), Lapp Valley Farm (23 miles), and Oregon Dairy (36 miles), where scoops are sized calf, heifer, or cow.

Out of Area Rides

Suburban Cyclists Unlimited (SCU) maintains a great list of out of area rides. You can view that list by clicking here.