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TdRR Prize Receipients
By Richard A Brown
Posted: 2023-07-27T23:23:49Z

Hey TdRR Riders,

Thank-you for your participation in this year’s TdRR event, and a BIG thank-you to many volunteers who helped make this a successful event. Thank-you also for your patience in waiting for prize information. All prize recipients are listed below, and if you earned a prize an e-mail was sent to your personal e-mail address with a coupon code that you can use at the special club store to redeem your prize. Further instructions are included in that e-mail. If your name is on the prize winners list and you did not receive an e-mail, please send me a mail at

Here is a recap of the award system rules as a reminder:

  1. 18 plus credits are needed for the jersey and 10-17 are needed for the hat/gloves. 
  2. TdRR credits are earned by RSVP for a given stage on Meet-up and then riding it.
  3. TdRR credits are also earned by previewing any stage (weekday or weekend) by signing up in the Volunteer area of the LBC website, previewing the ride, and then sending appropriate detour and safety notes to the TdRR Coordinator.
  4. A TdRR credit is earned for any ride (stage) that you RSVP'd for but was canceled due to rainout or bad weather. 
  5. TdRR sweeps do not earn TdRR credits and are awarded Ride Hero credits in lieu; these credits are a separate award program offered through LBC.
  6. You must be an active LBC member to receive TdRR credits

Finally please remember that your greatest rewards from the TdRR are the friends (old and new) that you were able to make and ride with on a daily basis, personal achievement from challenging yourself to ride more often, and the overall improvement in your cardiovascular conditioning. 

Finally, all prizes (skull jersey, anniversary jersey, hat, gloves) are available for purchase from TdRR Club Store at a special discount, but you must place your purchase by August 6 to take advantage of these special prices. Also, if you use coupon code FREESHIPPING you will receive free shipping to Dave Stauffer's residence. Merchandise will then be shipped to Dave and then distributed at the company picnic, or through special arrangements that you make through Dave. After August 6th the special TdRR club store will close and the same merchandise will be made available through the LBC club store at normal prices and shipping cost.

Thank-you, and see you on the road!

Richard Brown

TdRR Coordinator