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Promoting recreational bicycling in Lancaster County for all interested cyclists
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Lead From the Back

Cycling Advocacy and Community Support
By David L Stauffer
Posted: 2023-11-05T10:22:50Z

Happy November LBC,

I wish all those at our Fall Fling this weekend to have a great, safe time.

Cycling Advocacy has come up in a few conversations and posts recently, so I thought I would devote this months post to the topic.

Lancaster Bicycle Club focuses most of our activity throughout the year on recreational riding. There are many aspects to this such as Safety, Social, Training, Providing rides that meet all levels of cycling. One of the least focused areas is Advocacy.

LBC has been a force in the development of cycling in Lancaster County for over 50 years. We have been supporting cycling through our grant program for 25 out of those 50 years.

Our member, Joe Stafford, thru the work of his now defunct Bicycle Access Council, was instrumental in crafting to best State level cycling in traffic laws in the nation, including the availability of a 4 foot law PA license plate.

Bill Hoffman led our club's advocacy efforts for many years. He was LBC's Director of Advocacy and participated in many local government committees to give feedback as they developed their Active Transportation Plans.

We have given the county more than $70,000 over the last 15 years to show our appreciation for their support of maintaining the Covered Bridges of Lancaster County.

We have a student scholarship at HACC.

As a club, we generally do not spend much time cycling in the city, but how this city manages or mismanages our cycling infrastructure should be important to all of us. It is far easier to criticize the city for not doing things correctly than it is to be involved and give input in the years of planning that go into their decisions.

We are all very busy enjoying beautiful Lancaster County during the riding season. We are headed into the offseason. This is a good time to look into opportunities to make your voice heard in the Lancaster Community.

Following are a few that I am aware of.


Engage-City of Lancaster

Lancaster County MPO/Active Transportation Plan See city and local plans for Bicycling Infrastructure.

Vision Zero

Lancaster Bikes


Bicycle South Central PA

Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia Interesting to keep tabs on what the big cities are doing, but the one size fits all approach does not always fit into Lancaster.


League of American Bicyclists

People for Bikes Good resource for Ebike regulation updates.

USA Cycling

This is just a starter for those who are interested. I am not an expert. There are pros and cons to all of these organizations.

I hope we can appreciate the efforts of our local officials even if the results are not perfect. The public policy business is extremely unforgiving. No one meets everyone's needs or can respond to everyone's opinion's. Be aware, that if we are not involved and support the planning, they will continue without us or just simply stop trying. Much of the dollars used for these projects come from state and national grants. These dollars will not come back to us if they are not used where and when available.

Thank You to those who have participated in some way in the past.

See you on the road, at the Holiday Party, or see you when I see you.

Have a great, safe time cycling or with your other activities.

Dave Stauffer